Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank you

African American men and women have played a role in every war efffort in United States History, from the Civil War to the War on Terror.

Today we remember those who have served and lost their lives serving in the U. S military. We salute you and thank you for your bravery.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soul to Sole #1

Jessica Simpson

I've been searching high and low for an affordable grey wedge and I think I've found three.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tanks Coming Soon

Spring Bangels

Fashionista Friday

I love accessories and whenever I do I show I always make sure to add a few soulful accessories to my table to draw in the customers.  The wooden spring bangles were a big hit at Fashionista Friday so I decided to add them to my site to finish off spring and start of the summer. They come in an assortment of colors and if I had to chose my favorite I would probably chose them all. These cuties also look great paired with the Soul Couture Spring Clutch.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Motivational Monday

Two months ago I picked up Become Your Own Boss In 12 Months by Melinda Emerson however I must admit I haven't had time to jump into it. Since it's actually a month-by-month planning guide to starting a sustainable and profitable business I've decided to start at the beginning of next month.

Many of you may already know that Soul Couture (formerly Trendy Tee'z) started totally by accident. I never set out to have a small business I simply wanted to earn enough money to feed my hobby. Well as the story goes I started selling my Natural Beauty Tee's locally with some of the proceeds going to some of my favorite charities and before I knew it I was receiving more and more emails asking me when was I going to have more designs.....here I am several months later with a fully functional graphic t-shirt line and I still don't quite know where I'm headed. I decided to change the name a few months back, designed a new logo, moved from Etsy to a Bigcartel store front however I still haven't taken the time out to right down my goals for Soul Couture and construct a clear business plan; so I've decided to pick up a new journal and start my 12 month journey effective June 1, 2011 and I need someone to take this Journey with me.  If you've been thinking about starting your own small business and you want to take this 12 month journey with me please email me at dwheeler013@yahoo.com and I will make sure to mail you your very own copy of Become Your Own Boss In 12 Months.  I can only afford to send out one book however I do challenge all of you  to take this 12 month journey with me and let's see where it leads us.

I will announce the lucky Beautiful Brown May 25, 2011.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bubblin Brown Sugar

This tee is going to be printed with a gold metalic and a flock printing technique to add texture. I found the perfect vintage brown tee. I can't wait.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashionista Friday

Last week my best friend and I attended Shecky's Girls Night Out here in Los Angeles and when ever I attend a Girls Night Out event I always make it a habit to wear one of my Soul Couture tee's. Since the Beautiful Brown Girl tees have been selling really well I decided to wear the Mustard BBG tee to the event and I received several great compliments from some really beautiful women. I wore an outfit similar to the one in the middle only my cargo shorts were from the men section at Target and  this brand that I snagged from Polyvore cost  $288 which I would probably never spend on a pair of cargo shorts even if I had an extra $288 to spend. I layered my tee with a dark denim vest and added three wood bangles (Soul Trio)   which are now available on my web site and a pair of Gold hoop earrings to complete my look and I was off to a fun filled night.

There are so many ways to wear your Soul Couture tee. You can dress your tee up or down depending on the occassion.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


As I grow closer and closer to Christ I understand more and more how important it is to live the life of the woman the bible speaks of. A Virtuous woman.

The Virtuous Tee is now available by clicking here 

Remembering Bob Marley

Feb 6, 1945-May 11, 1981

My Father introduced me to Reggae Music as a teen and Bob Marley and Gregory Issacs are by far my favorite.  I don't listen to music very often but when ever I hear a Bob Marley melody it takes me back to the good times when my dad and I would drive down the street and he would blast the radio with sounds of Raggae.  Funny how music will instantly take you back to a special time in your life. Back then there were no worries, JUST ME and MY DAD. The first man I fell in love with and I've been in love every day since.  He's a tough act to follow and so is the music of Bob Marley.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beautiful Brown Girl Tank

By popular demand the BBG tank is now available for purchase. To purchase please click here