Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashionista Friday

As I've expressed before I have a true love for tee's and jeans and my Saturday Girls Night Out outfit often consist of these two closet essentials. A simple white t-shirt and a good fitting pair of jeans can be taken to the next level if paired with the right accessories and a few items I'm sure every woman has in her closet.

Look how adding a black blazer,a few gold accessories and animal print booties made this simple outfit pop.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Do You Wear Your BBG Tee?

My Beautiful Brown Girl Tee has been selling really well since I first introduced it. How do you wear your BBG Tee? Here are a few examples of how I wear mine.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Love Of Spring

Spring is here and summer will be right around the corner and searching for new spring and summer tee’s and tanks has been my number one priority. When I saw this cutie I fell in love and new that I had to have it. My Love John 3:16 Tee did really well when first introduced so I thought why not bring it back.... but bring it back brand new.  This tee is perfect for the girly girl and the tiered lace pattern in the back adds femininity. To purchase go here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Presentation Is Everything

A major factor in selling t-shirts on line is coming up with creative ways to package your t-shirt. Recently making the decision to move forward with developing a fully functional graphic t-shirt line has really got me thinking. There are so many things I need on the administrative side to pull this little hobby turned business together and packaging is one of them. Over the last year I’ve played around with packaging. I’ve shipped tee’s in pillow boxes, wrapped tee’s in tissue paper tied together with ribbon, included freebies such as buttons and stationery and I’ve even delivered tee’s locally in custom gift bags. Well now I have a new name and a new look and I think it’s only fitting that I come up with a new creative way to ship my tee’s.  Presentation is everything and impressing and satisfying my customers is very important to me. Sure I can save a little money by continuing to ship tee’s in boring tissue paper and individually wrapped plastic bags but how blah is that. I want my customer to know just how much I appreciate them and one of the ways I can show my appreciation is by taking a little time out to ship their tee with a little creativity and a lot of love.  

I hit the internet over the weekend to research what other graphic t-shirt companies are doing and boy are these guys really getting creative. Of course I don’t have the huge marketing budgets that these companies have but with a little time and a little more research I’m sure I can come up with something designed with the Soul Couture customer in mind.  

Take a look at what the other guys are doing
I'm thinking about something similar to the above. This will be something that my customers can reuse. Going green is important to me and it's important to my customers too.